Royal Jewelry

Check it out, readers! The moving story of Marie Antoinette’s bracelet Marzena Devoud - published on 10/26/21 It is thanks to this bracelet, decorated with cameo profiles of Roman emperors and enhanced with rubies, that the house of Mellerio became the favorite jeweler of the royalty. Spending a few moments in the archives of the … Continue reading Royal Jewelry

The First Code-Talkers in American History

Follow the link to learn more, readers: America’s First Code Talkers Were Choctaw Soldiers During WWI Dec 1, 2021 Jesse, Guest Author To keep their plans a secret from the enemy during the fighting in WWII, the US famously employed Native American code talkers who communicated in their native languages. However, WWII was not the … Continue reading The First Code-Talkers in American History

“This Song is Going to Get Stuck Inside Your Head”

The gag song from The LEGO Movie 2 might have real world precedent, readers. At the very least, the Finns had a very good reason to get one particular polka tune trapped in their minds. Learn more about this nerve-wracking adventure through the link: The Finnish Stopped Soviet Mines from Exploding by playing a Single … Continue reading “This Song is Going to Get Stuck Inside Your Head”