“Ah, Venice!”

Granted, the story below wasn’t what Indiana Jones had in mind when he uttered that line in The Last Crusade*. Looking at the article, though, what else can one say? You would be hard-pressed to find a piece of art like this anywhere else in the world! Click the link to learn more, readers! Sculptor … Continue reading “Ah, Venice!”

Medieval Bridge Construction Techniques

The Middle Ages are often depicted inaccurately in present day media. Usually portrayed as a time of superstition and fear, people today tend to forget that the men of the Middle Ages built the marvelous cathedrals and palaces which bring tourists to Europe every year. Poets, philosophers, writers – and yes, scientists – thrived during … Continue reading Medieval Bridge Construction Techniques

Bigger on the Outside Than on the Inside?

Forgive the Dr. Who* joke, readers, but it was begging to be done. Learn more about this fascinating discovery around Stonehenge through the link below: Archaeologists Find Massive Prehistoric Structure ENCIRCLING Stonehenge Jun 28, 2020 Steve Palace A team in England have reportedly found Britain’s largest ever prehistoric structure encircling Stonehenge. A ring of ancient … Continue reading Bigger on the Outside Than on the Inside?