Stalking the Wild

Learn more about this fascinating cat through the link below, readers:   COMMON NAME: Caracal SCIENTIFIC NAME: Caracal caracal DIET: Carnivore SIZE: Two feet to 3.5 feet long WEIGHT: 25 to 40 pounds IUCN RED LIST STATUS: ? Least Concern CURRENT POPULATION TREND: Unknown What is a caracal? This medium-size wildcat roams the savannas, deserts, and forests of much of Africa and … Continue reading Stalking the Wild

Some Fascinating Facts about the Cheetah

Have a need for speed? Then take a look at these ten purr-fectly amazing facts about the fastest animal on land! Cheetah Facts: 10 Interesting Facts about Cheetahs | Interesting Facts Written by admin Cheetahs are the fastest land animals. This is one of the well-known cheetah facts that is sometimes disputed. Ok, we know that the Peregrine … Continue reading Some Fascinating Facts about the Cheetah