Stalking the Wild

Learn more about this fascinating cat through the link below, readers:   COMMON NAME: Caracal SCIENTIFIC NAME: Caracal caracal DIET: Carnivore SIZE: Two feet to 3.5 feet long WEIGHT: 25 to 40 pounds IUCN RED LIST STATUS: ? Least Concern CURRENT POPULATION TREND: Unknown What is a caracal? This medium-size wildcat roams the savannas, deserts, and forests of much of Africa and … Continue reading Stalking the Wild

Sneaky, Sandy Felines….

Have you ever heard of the Sand Cat? If not, this link will tell you more about this beautiful little desert feline. And if you are wondering how this information could possibly apply to fiction, check out Andre Norton’s novel Beast Master*. There is a very big sand cat in that story. One who is … Continue reading Sneaky, Sandy Felines….

Some Fascinating Facts about the Cheetah

Have a need for speed? Then take a look at these ten purr-fectly amazing facts about the fastest animal on land! Cheetah Facts: 10 Interesting Facts about Cheetahs | Interesting Facts Written by admin Cheetahs are the fastest land animals. This is one of the well-known cheetah facts that is sometimes disputed. Ok, we know that the Peregrine … Continue reading Some Fascinating Facts about the Cheetah

Cloning Cave Lions – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It is things like that that make me wish there were more scientists who would ask whether the world is better off following certain animals’ extinction. Can you imagine how many crops would be trampled and/or eaten by wandering Brachiosaurs, readers? I love dinosaurs as much as the next author, but really, who wants to … Continue reading Cloning Cave Lions – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?