Water for Life

Check it out, readers! Religious Sisters Become Pioneers of Hydroelectric Power in Africa Some of the first to recognize the benefits of small-scale hydropower were religious communities in Africa. Bukavu, Congo, is the capital of South Kivu province, where religious sisters built and operate a small hydroelectric power plant. (photo: Shutterstock) Edward Pentin August 4, … Continue reading Water for Life

Ikkin Returns – A Look at the Novelization of Final Fantasy XV

Previously, I linked to Ikkin’s videos on Final Fantasy XV*, which related to her view of the Catholic symbolism and influence in the game’s world and story. Her arguments are quite compelling and very useful for Catholic and/or Christian authors to study, as they will help a great deal with tailoring one’s fiction to be … Continue reading Ikkin Returns – A Look at the Novelization of Final Fantasy XV

Good Friday

Take a look at this article on crucifixion, readers: Christ crucifié, Diego Velázquez (détail) © wikimedia commons Asphyxiation: The main cause of death by crucifixion J-P Mauro - published on 07/09/20 A new study of the only known remains of a crucified man paints a different picture of the Roman execution method. In 1968, archaeologist Vassilios Tzaferis excavated … Continue reading Good Friday

Review: A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller by Declan Finn

Whew! What a ride! I cannot remember the last time I read a book where the end left me feeling as though I had experienced a crash-landing. Here is the blurb for the book: Murder at the Vatican!           Giovanni Figlia checks all the boxes of a typical police detective. He even sacrificed his soccer … Continue reading Review: A Pius Man: A Holy Thriller by Declan Finn

Antarctic Chapel

Click the link to learn more, readers: Inside Antarctica’s Catholic Ice Chapel, the World’s Southernmost Church by ChurchPOP Editor - Dec 30, 2015 Praising God at the South Pole! via adventure-network Antarctica is an amazing giant continent at the south pole of our globe. Braving winter temperatures of over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit below zero, a few thousand people … Continue reading Antarctic Chapel