What a Shame

This article got me to tear up a bit, readers. Click the link and see if it will help you, too: Dispelling the Shadows of Shame JUNE 5, 2020 BY FR. DEREK SAKOWSKI I have come to realize that shame is the devil’s tactic of choice in his efforts to ruin our human existence. Certainly he entices … Continue reading What a Shame

Ruminating on Goodness, Truth, and Beauty

Take a look at this fantastic article, readers: Jellybeans, Marriage and Objective Truth October 6, 2021 "Men have forgotten God; that's why all this has happened." Jelly Beans There was a time when the majority of people believed in objective standards. That is not to say they agreed on everything, they didn't. Bu they did … Continue reading Ruminating on Goodness, Truth, and Beauty