Review – Rip the Falcon Returns!

You may remember that I reviewed a web series titled Rip the Falcon here previously, readers. A third episode was released and, because I was in a hurry, I only briefly mentioned it in the post available here. It is a short episode but enjoyable nonetheless – Rip takes on a giant! It tries to… Continue reading Review – Rip the Falcon Returns!


Review: Rip the Falcon Comic and Animated Series

It is difficult to find anything worth watching these days, readers. Most of what is on air is mired in addressing everything save the story itself. Not only is it irritating, it is tiring. Viewers just want a little escape, something to unwind from a stressful day. Is that too much to ask? TIC Studios… Continue reading Review: Rip the Falcon Comic and Animated Series

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Avengers – Assemble! A Look Back at Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

A friend sent me a video about the Wasp (see below) as she was presented in Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes*, a popular and well-beloved animated series starring Marvel’s team of the same name. I found the video quite interesting not only because it listed several of the reasons why I like Janet van Dyne –… Continue reading Avengers – Assemble! A Look Back at Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

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“Yabba Dabba DOO!”

I love The Flintstones*, but since I invested more time in the story than the costumes, there was something which I didn’t notice about the series. You may have missed it, too, readers. Luckily, The Vintage News has us all covered. Click link to learn more about this era in animation and storytelling history! The… Continue reading “Yabba Dabba DOO!”

Flotsam 'n' Jetsam

Return to the Superversive Livestream!

It’s been a busy month, readers! Nothing attests to this fact better than the knowledge that I was on no less than two Superversive Livestreams and had little attention to spare to tell you about them. The first stream focused on Mecha and took place December 26 of last year: Sunday Superversive Livestream: All things… Continue reading Return to the Superversive Livestream!


A Unique Conceit (or Three) from Western Television

Gargoyles Retrospective | Disney's Dark Horse Along with others in the Superversive movement, this author tends to highlight various writing techniques which are popularly seen in Japanese anime. Since writers in the Orient frequently make use of practices forgotten here in the West, this is only sensible. If one wishes to learn a craft,… Continue reading A Unique Conceit (or Three) from Western Television

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New Look at an Old Cartoon

Someone decided to make a computer generated version of the original introductory song and montage from the 1980’s Thundercats* series. While the CG itself is somewhat lacking in detail, the effort involved in making this brief video alone is worth praise. I have to admit I like the bright background colors in the video following… Continue reading New Look at an Old Cartoon