A Spectacular Find

Follow the link to learn more, readers! Archaeology Intern Unearths Spectacular, 2,000-Year-Old Roman Dagger By Katherine J. Wu MARCH 2, 2020 As far as internships go, Nico Calman arguably had an especially good one. During his stint with the Westphalie Department for the Preservation and Care of Field Monuments in Germany last year, 19-year-old Calman unearthed … Continue reading A Spectacular Find

Has Atlantis Been Discovered at Last?

In 2001, this author went to theaters to see Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Although more mature than most of the material released by the company at the time, the story captured this writer’s imagination. To this day she enjoys speculating about lost cities beneath the waves and wonders why the trope seems to have … Continue reading Has Atlantis Been Discovered at Last?