Remember the Republic

“Left to themselves, Americans build, cultivate, bridge, dam, canalise, invent, teach, manufacture, think, write, lock themselves in struggle with the eternal challenges that man has chosen to confront, and with an intensity not known elsewhere on the globe. Bidden to make war their work, Americans shoulder the burden with intimidating purpose. There is, I have… Continue reading Remember the Republic

Flotsam 'n' Jetsam

War Photos – Soldiers and Their Cats

The picture of war is one of horror, darkness, and loss. While not inaccurate in itself, this image does leave out a few important facts. Even in the midst of degradation, humiliation, and human horror, there are quiet moments. There are scenes of kindness, concern, and love. Amidst ruin and desolation, there is hope. If… Continue reading War Photos – Soldiers and Their Cats