One Girl Scout Troop’s Historic Expedition

Click the link to learn more, readers: Girl Scouts Join Archaeological Dig at Birthplace of Organization’s Founder By Theresa Machemer FEBRUARY 26, 2020 Last weekend, Girl Scout troops convened at the Savannah, Georgia, birthplace of the organization’s founder, Juliette Gordon Low, to assist with archaeological excavations ahead of the 200-year-old property’s long-awaited renovation. Nearly 100 Girl Scouts … Continue reading One Girl Scout Troop’s Historic Expedition

Atomic Sightseeing

While it seems insane now, watching atomic bomb tests was once big business –especially in Las Vegas. Sin City saw a massive influx of tourists who turned up not only to try their luck at the tables, but to watch the government test its newest ordinance. Of course, this is not something people can do … Continue reading Atomic Sightseeing

The False Doctor Who Saved Thousands of Lives

This is a truly fascinating story, one which should be in history books and medical textbooks throughout the world. As the article below explains, Doctor Michael Couney – real name Michael Cohn – saved the lives of at least seven thousand premature infants. And he did so by showing them off in a carnival attraction … Continue reading The False Doctor Who Saved Thousands of Lives