A Word from Davy Crockett

Worth the read and then some. Check it out! 200 Years Ago, Davy Crockett Perfectly Explained the Limits on Government Spending – Not Yours to Give BY GUEST CONTRIBUTOR FEBRUARY 1, 2023  By Col. Davy Crockett Editor’s Note: This incredible story has long been a favorite among that segment of Americans who take the Constitution – … Continue reading A Word from Davy Crockett

The Female Soldier Who Fought in the War for Independence

I am not certain that I can call her the first female American soldier, readers. She is among the most famous, however. Only Molly Pitcher compares and “Molly Pitcher” was not her real name. Rather it was an affectionate name given to at least two different women who took part in the War for Independence, … Continue reading The Female Soldier Who Fought in the War for Independence

Classical Education – Necessary, Or Not?

Food for thought here, readers: The Enduring Relevance of Classical Education ESSAY OCTOBER 10, 2022 In an 1891 essay penned as a student at Harvard, future civil rights leader W. E. B. Du Bois asked a provocative question: “Does education pay?” Anticipating the rivalry with Booker T. Washington that would define much of his early … Continue reading Classical Education – Necessary, Or Not?

Remembering the U.S.S. Indianapolis

Learn more through the link, readers: USS Indianapolis survivors recount sinking, rescue By Henry Howard Aug 06, 2013 Fifteen of the 38 remaining survivors of the USS Indianapolis gathered in Indiana’s capital this past weekend in what could be their final reunion. "We’re more like brothers; we’re closer than a lot of brothers. We always … Continue reading Remembering the U.S.S. Indianapolis