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Christmas Preparations

The last Sunday of Advent is upon us, readers. How time flies! As the holiest night of the year approaches, it might be well to remember how those who came before us prepared for that sublime celebration. St. Margaret of Scotland had a particular devotion – one which might have harmed her health. Click the… Continue reading Christmas Preparations

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Dates, Fellowship, and Professor Tolkien

Professor Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings* series has been hailed repeatedly for its extensive worldbuilding. But something even devoted fans can occasionally miss is the significance of the dates within the story. A contributor to Voyage Comics and Publishing*’s blog tackles the challenge of reminding us about the meaning behind the dates in the… Continue reading Dates, Fellowship, and Professor Tolkien

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From Ireland to Japan: “Let there be light!”

“Blessed are you when they persecute you, and hate you, for My sake.” We were never promised an easy life by Our Lord. It’s natural enough to want it, to ask for it, and to be unhappy about not having it. But I think we too often forget this warning delivered at the end of… Continue reading From Ireland to Japan: “Let there be light!”

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Spiritual Vigilance

The Advent season is upon us, readers! Good Lord, is the year almost over already? It’s been so busy behind the scenes here that it is hard to believe we have all come this far so fast! As we begin this period of waiting for the coming of the Lord on December 25, this reflection… Continue reading Spiritual Vigilance

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To Do or to Be?

In honor of this, the Fourth Sunday of Advent, this author leaves you with a piece on Eucharistic Adoration from Word on Fire. For those who may not know, Catholics do not believe the Eucharist is a mere symbol of Christ’s presence on the altar and in the world. We believe He is really, truly,… Continue reading To Do or to Be?

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God’s Beloved “Little Ones”

Happy Gaudete Sunday, readers! This is the Third Sunday of Advent in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church. Known as Gaudete – “Joyful” – Sunday because it means we are closer to the coming of Christ on Christmas Eve, the vestments used are traditionally rose colored in order to signify happiness. In that spirit,… Continue reading God’s Beloved “Little Ones”

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God Signs His Name Anonymously….

…but that does not preclude the inspired authors of the Bible from signing the books they penned at His direction. Check out the link below to learn more on this, the Second Sunday of Advent, readers: The only “signed” book in the Old Testament Daniel Esparza | Sep 01, 2019 It is also the largest wisdom… Continue reading God Signs His Name Anonymously….


The Priest Who Rescued Jews, Allies, and Germans

Good Lord, the Christmas season has already begun?!? Talk about time flying while one is having fun. What a year! As this is the first Sunday of Advent, I have linked to an article with a religious subject for this Flotsam ‘n’ Jetsam post. It might be a bit dark for the Christmas season, but… Continue reading The Priest Who Rescued Jews, Allies, and Germans

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Como Pastores – A Christmas Song from Siervas

In honor of the last Sunday of Advent, readers, allow me to present my favorite song by Siervas. As the official video demonstrates, “Como Pastores” (Spanish for “As Shepherds,” apparently) was written and performed for the Christmas season. If you are feeling a little harried in the pre-Christmas rush, this song might be just what… Continue reading Como Pastores – A Christmas Song from Siervas

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Hark! The Herald Angels Sing..!

I love “A Charlie Brown Christmas Special,” in part for this fantastic rendition of one of my favorite hymns. There are not too many other versions of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!” which this author likes, or finds superior to the Charlie Brown version. Enjoy, readers – and Happy Advent! A Charlie Brown Christmas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP37k831y9U