Helping the Helpless

Follow the link to learn more, readers! Mission of Compassion By Henry Howard Aug 25, 2016 The Mexican resort city of Puerto Vallarta greets visitors with stately hotels on pristine beaches, a relaxing atmosphere, and unique dining and shopping options. Just a few miles from the vibrant coastline, however, garbage piles up alongside dirt and … Continue reading Helping the Helpless

The Female Soldier Who Fought in the War for Independence

I am not certain that I can call her the first female American soldier, readers. She is among the most famous, however. Only Molly Pitcher compares and “Molly Pitcher” was not her real name. Rather it was an affectionate name given to at least two different women who took part in the War for Independence, … Continue reading The Female Soldier Who Fought in the War for Independence

Largest Library in the Emerald Isle

I need to visit this place, readers! I really need to visit it! Click the link to see this library in all its glory! 😀 Ireland’s Largest Library Is a 300-Year-Old Treasure Trove With 200,000 Rare Books: PHOTOS BY LOUISE CHAMBERS JANUARY 15, 2023 A 300-year-old library chamber in the educational epicenter of Dublin, Ireland, has become world-famous for … Continue reading Largest Library in the Emerald Isle