Ben-Hur – On a Motorcycle?!

Have you ever wondered how one might operate a modern vehicle like an ancient chariot? This author has contemplated the concept from time to time throughout her life. George Lucas did too, apparently. His famous (infamous?) podracers in The Phantom Menace* are based on chariots like those seen in Ben-Hur*. Mr. Lucas and I are … Continue reading Ben-Hur – On a Motorcycle?!

“Someone’s Been Sleeping in My Bed….”

….But no one wanted to wake her! Click the link to learn more, readers: Man comes home to find a massive tiger snoozing on his bed CHRISTIAN COTRONEO  July 26, 2019, 1 p.m. No one likes to come home to neighbors screaming and pointing at your doorway. That would suggest something is amiss. And, indeed, … Continue reading “Someone’s Been Sleeping in My Bed….”