Ballads of Space and Time

I confess that I had never heard nor read the word “filk” until recently. For those who are also unfamiliar with the term, it apparently began life as a spelling error. The word refers to folk songs written about science fiction themes; some of these may have been written specifically for sci-fi novels, in order … Continue reading Ballads of Space and Time

A New Look at the Arthurian Cycle!

Click the link to find out more, readers! Middle Ages Merlin manuscript found in Bristol University library Published 30 January 2019 Fragments of a manuscript from the Middle Ages which tell the story of Merlin the magician from Arthurian legend have been found in a library. Seven hand-written fragments were found by the University of … Continue reading A New Look at the Arthurian Cycle!

Unleash the Dogs of War!

Learn more through the link below, readers! Becerrillo: The Terrifying War Dog of the Spanish Conquistadors Dogs have been used as powerful weapons of war for at least the last 3,000 years. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Sarmatians, Assyrians, Britons and Romans are all known to have used dogs in combat, or for scouts, sentries, trackers, or executioners. … Continue reading Unleash the Dogs of War!