Remembering the U.S.S. Indianapolis

Learn more through the link, readers: USS Indianapolis survivors recount sinking, rescue By Henry Howard Aug 06, 2013 Fifteen of the 38 remaining survivors of the USS Indianapolis gathered in Indiana’s capital this past weekend in what could be their final reunion. "We’re more like brothers; we’re closer than a lot of brothers. We always … Continue reading Remembering the U.S.S. Indianapolis

Reposted: Research for the Working Writer

This article is full of good advice, readers. Check it out! RESEARCH FOR THE WORKING WRITER “Help, I need sources!” Ah, the plea of the desperate student/grad-student/fiction writer in search of material or confirmation of some nugget, or a replacement for something that suddenly won’t work any more. Every so often the question arises about … Continue reading Reposted: Research for the Working Writer

Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary

Last week we discussed love among characters. This ranged from brotherly love (philia), or the affection between friends who are or can be as close as brothers, to romantic love. I was not able to express all my thoughts on romantic pairings last week and thus this post will contain those ideas. Previously, we discussed … Continue reading Romantic Relationships – A Speculative Commentary

Reposted: Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is Bunk

A good thought from John C. Wright, readers!   Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is Bunk We were discussing Campbell’s conception that a wheel-shaped pattern called the Hero’s Journey underpins folk tale and myth for all foundational heroic stories, across all cultures and generations. I admit to be deeply unimpressed with Joseph Campbell’s writing, after reading three … Continue reading Reposted: Campbell’s Hero’s Journey is Bunk