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Can’t Take a Joke

Communists are the worst in many, many ways. One of the most unpleasant things about them is that not only do they have no sense of humor, they don’t want anyone else to have one, either! No, all laughter that is not sanctioned must not happen. It is forbidden, comrade!

Pardon me while I laugh loud and long, readers. Allow me as well to share with you the history of a Pole who did the same. The Communists never tried to kill him, they just tried to frighten him into being silent.

It didn’t work.

Enjoy the article, readers. And for heaven’s sake, don’t forget to laugh!

Remembering Stefan Kisielewski, the Polish Hero Who Helped Break Communism

Born in Warsaw, Kisielewski was a man of many talents—including a knack for getting under the skin of Communist leaders.

Thursday, February 9, 2023
Lawrence W. Reed

Soon—on a date to be chosen by President Andrzej Duda—I will visit the Republic of Poland again to accept the highest honor the nation bestows upon a foreigner, the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit.

As I anticipate the ceremonies in Warsaw and think about what I will say on that occasion, my mind is swimming in memories of my first visit to the country in 1986. Poland groaned under the dead weight of Soviet-imposed communism at the time, and I was on the scene to learn as much as I could about the vast underground resistance. The names, faces and wisdom of the courageous, unforgettable people who met with me are forever etched deep in my cranium.

One of them was Mirosław Dzielski (1941-1989), a physicist, philosopher, and activist for liberty. He taught at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, where we spoke at length on a cold November afternoon about his principled defense of freedom and free markets. He showed me his recently acquired copy of Austrian School economist Murray Rothbard’s The Mystery of Banking, a sign of how porous the Iron Curtain had become. Dzielski died three years later of cancer at the young age of 47, but not before witnessing the miracle he longed for: the free elections of June 1989 that decisively liberated the country from a one-party socialist state. His son Witold serves today as Poland’s ambassador to Canada.

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2 thoughts on “Can’t Take a Joke”

  1. Not enough coffee.

    But while Communists and Lefties lack a “real sense of humor”, I dislike the “you can’t take a joke” phrase.

    Mainly because what some people call a “joke” is actually mockery and ridicule.

    These people “love” to mock & ridicule others and part of their mockery is claiming that their victims must “like it because it’s just a joke”.

    Of course, these people hate it when they are mocked & ridiculed.

    Oh, while I dislike in general “mockery & ridicule”, I see no problem with mocking & ridiculing the Left but I Do Not Expect them to “Like It”.

    The real “point” of humor is laughing at oneself not Laughing At Others.

    Need more coffee. 😉

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    1. It’s the “can’t you take a joke” that’s the dead give-away that the person was just being cruel in the belief he’d get away with it.

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