Water, Water Everywhere….

It is even in the pie, readers. Click the link to learn more!

example of a water pie

The Unusual Dessert Known As Water Pie

Nov 17, 2021

Madeline Hiltz

In our opinion, nothing finishes off Thanksgiving dinner like a delicious slice of apple or pumpkin pie. However, a recipe for a different kind of Thanksgiving dessert has recently resurfaced on the internet, one dating back to the Great Depression. This year, don’t be surprised if you show up to your loved ones’ homes for Thanksgiving and see a big slice of water pie on the menu for dessert.

Water pie is not a nickname for this pastry; it literally describes the main ingredient used to make the delicacy. The filling in water pie is primarily water. Flour, butter, and sugar are also used in the recipe and not much else. If you’re lucky enough to have vanilla extract and a pie crust, those can also be included.

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