Skeletons in the – McDonald’s?!

No, the title is not a joke, readers! Nor is it the introduction to a murder mystery, as the answer to your questions are quite mundane. It is merely that a McDonald’s in Italy happened to be built over an archaeological site, so the franchise has glass over the three discovered skeletons therein.

You get to dine while observing the past. Neat, right? Creepy, perhaps, but still neat….

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McDonald's in Italy

An Italian McDonald’s Has 2,000-Year-Old Skeletons On Display


DEC. 1, 2022

Without a doubt, McDonald’s has some pretty strange locations. You have the McDonald’s housed in the basement of the Louvre Museum in France. You have the ski-through McDonald’s in Sweden. You have the middle-of-the-desert McDonald’s in Israel. You even have the McDonald’s tucked into a decommissioned plane in New Zealand.

However, none of these bizarre McDonald’s locations hold a candle to the McDonald’s in Frattocchie, Italy. According to Hidden Lazio, this particular location, which opened in 2017, actually sits above an archaeological site.

Now, it would be one thing if this McDonald’s merely sat above an archaeological site, but no — this McDonald’s goes one step further. You can actually see 2,000-year-old skeletons from within the restaurant, thanks to a glass-paneled floor. If you’re wondering how on earth this came to be (and who thought this was a good idea?), worry not, we have some answers. So, hold on to your Big Mac, we’re going to Italy.

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