A Word on the Dropa Tribe

It seems to me that this article is stretching speculation a bit, but the potential story prompt within the theories expounded about the Dropa tribe is invaluable. There are plenty of ways to turn it into a tale, if one is so inclined.

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Himalayan chain

The mysterious Dropa Tribe of the high altitude Himalayas

This unusual tribe was believed to have been extraterrestrial because they had strange blue eyes, almond-shaped with double lids; they spoke an unknown language, and their DNA did not match any other known tribe.

by N. Hale

Sep 7, 2022

In the early 20th century, a strange story emerged from the isolated peaks of the Himalayas. The story was that in 1938, a group of amateur archaeologists discovered remains of an ancient culture with insights into astronomy and timekeeping that were far beyond any other known human culture at that time. But what was even stranger was their discovery of an entire hidden chamber in one of the caves, which contained a cylinder made of a metal unknown to them, as well as 7 dead bodies with unusual physical features.

According to these amateur archaeologists—who called themselves “Explorers”—they also found hieroglyphs carved on the walls that appeared to be a hybrid language mixing ancient Chinese and something more primitive.

What’s more is that they discovered sculptures carved into the walls which resembled these strange people: short lanky figures with large heads and comparatively small bodies. These explorers believed these people were called “Dropa” because one of these sculptures had been vandalized with graffiti so they could read it.

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