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Looks like I found one of the inspirations for Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress*, readers. Russia relies heavily even now on railroads to transport goods and people across their country, which is so large that roads are less effective than rails. This is the reason why they need trains more than almost any other nation: there is no better way for them to move materiel and personnel from coast to coast and anywhere in between.

So what did they do during the wars of the 20th century? Aside from continue to rely on the rail lines, they armored their trains and took them into combat. This article from War History Online discusses the matter, so don’t just stand there. Click the link to learn more about the Zheleznyakov – also known as the Green Ghost – and her crew!

A Russian armored wagon

Menace to the Wehrmacht – The Green Ghost Armored Train

Aug 30, 2018 Ruslan Budnik, Guest Author

Armored trains showed their effectiveness during the Civil War in Russia in 1917-1922. They were used as a means of transportation for people and transportation of guns, also as mobile hospitals, with their help convoying and added fire support. After the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War (WWII in the USSR), the Soviet government decided to build a number of new armored trains and deploy railway anti-aircraft defense batteries.

On November 4, 1941, at the Sevastopol Marine Plant, the armored train called “Zheleznyakov” was built. Its main tasks included the defense of Sevastopol. A crew of sailors of the Black Sea Fleet was recruited to serve on the armored train.

The basis of the armored train was flatbed wagons, plant workers welded armored plates 15-30 mm thick and reinforced them with concrete. The number of railroad cars was usually 4. The cars were driven by a locomotive with a steam power plant with increased power of up to 600 hp. The maximum speed was 50kmh (31mph).

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  1. “Thomas knew it would be dangerous, but felt that duty compelled him to enlist.
    ‘I could not serve you so well, Mr. Toppen-Hat,’ he said. ‘Loved I not honour more.'”

    Another reason Russia has to rely on railroads; they have no east-west rivers.

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