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Reposted – Business Musings: How Writers Fail Part 10: Blame

A worthy article to consider, future authors:

Business Musings: How Writers Fail Part 10: Blame

Business Musings: How Writers Fail Part 10: Blame

I spent most of the morning trying to start this post. It’s not like me to have trouble writing, particularly a nonfiction post, but I simply couldn’t do what I had planned.

What I had planned was simple: Because of all of the news recently and the timing, I had planned to start the Year In Review blog posts early. I’ve always hated that they bleed into January (and given the amount of news and changes this year, they probably will anyway), but I couldn’t start, not without addressing something that has been bothering me since last week.

Last week’s post focused on the way that the world is changing and how that’s impacting writers. More specifically, a lot of writers are suffering from decreased sales, and are blaming various world events for the sales decrease.

Yes, we are in particularly dark times and yes, every day is stressful, and yes, our focus as human beings is being pushed and pulled in a hundred different directions at once.

It’s not always thus, but damn close. I have often found myself wondering what it was like for folks at the start of the Second World War, coming off a worldwide Depression and a pandemic and a market crash and another war…

Sometimes I think I’m so tired that I can’t take much more of this constant drama and change, and then I realize that my parents lived through that nightmare and the father of one of my closest friends in school crossed the Alps to escape the Nazis, but lost his entire family anyway and had the courage to start a new family.

Life stuff happens, the world changes, and it’s our job as artists to continue changing with it. Sometimes it’s our job as artists just to survive whatever this world throws at us.

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