The Mandorla of Culture

A worthy article for reflection, readers:

The Christian Mission To Evangelize American Culture

David Clayton

Beauty is the mark of a loving God. A Christian culture, therefore, is a beautiful culture that melts the hearts of non-believers and tells believers that that they are at home in the world.

As a convert to Christianity I am often asked why I converted. The short answer is that I thought I would be happier if I did so.

I have not been disappointed. Even now, nearly 30 years after I was confirmed at Farm Street Catholic Church in Mayfair, London, my life experience has strengthened the conviction that not only was this a good decision for me, but also that the Church offers the way to the greatest happiness for all people.

When I give this answer – that I would be happier – it usually does not satisfy the questioner. Why, they push me, did I think I would be happier? What led me to believe that the Faith might truly offer me that “pearl of great price”?

That is a reasonable question.

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