Remembering the U.S.S. Indianapolis

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USS Indianapolis survivors recount sinking, rescue

USS Indianapolis survivors recount sinking, rescue

By Henry Howard

Aug 06, 2013

Fifteen of the 38 remaining survivors of the USS Indianapolis gathered in Indiana’s capital this past weekend in what could be their final reunion.

“We’re more like brothers; we’re closer than a lot of brothers. We always look forward to the reunions,” said Loel Dede “L.D.” Cox of Comanche, Texas.

The reunions generate attention to the World War II tragedy and help the survivors continue to heal. Even today, more than 68 years after their rescue, nightmares are common.

“Coming to these reunions, I get to see the people that I dream about,” Cox said. “My dreams are not necessarily about being in the water. I’m in a big city, I don’t even know the town or city but I am supposed to go to the hotel for the night and I don’t know which hotel to go to. I begin to look around and all over the grounds. I can’t find my buddies but then I find one and I’m so happy. I turn around and look and he’s gone, then I have to start looking for another one. I suppose that means I’m back in the water again, looking for someone on my team.”

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