A Golden Haul

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Gold Coins found in Norfolk

‘A Hugely Important Find:’ 1,400-Year-Old Gold Coin Hoard Discovered In England

Nov 9, 2021 Madeline Hiltz

Over the past 30 years, scientists have unearthed 131 gold coins from a single field in west Norfolk, making it the largest collection of items from the Anglo-Saxon period ever discovered in England.

The objects were buried shortly after the year 600 AD. Most of the coins are Frankish tremisses- a small gold coin that was used in Late Antiquity. Nine gold solidi have also been uncovered. Solidis are larger gold coins from the Byzantine empire, worth three tremisses. The trove also contains four other gold objects – a gold bracteate (a type of stamped pendant), a small gold bar, and two other pieces of gold that were likely parts of jewelry.

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