A Non-Human Polish Soldier

Now this is a story, readers!

Wojtek swith a Polish soldier.

Polish Corporal Wojtek – The Non-Human WWII Hero

Mar 1, 2018

Shahan Russell

During WWII, the Polish II Corps recruited a very unusual soldier named Wojtek who worked his way up to the rank of Corporal. Wojtek proved himself invaluable during the Battle of Monte Cassino for his incredible strength, endurance, and bravery. At war’s end, however, he was put in a zoo.

It all began in 1939 when Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union invaded and occupied Poland. Declaring Poland to be extinct, the Soviets imprisoned some 2 million Poles, deported some 325,000 of them to various parts of Russia, and declared the rest to be Soviet citizens.

Then Germany invaded Russia on 22 June 1941. This forced the Soviets to seek the British as allies, but Britain had three conditions. The USSR had to first: (1) break all pacts with Germany, (2) recognize the existence of a Polish state, and (3) release all of its Polish prisoners – military and civilians, alike. The Soviets agreed to all demands by signing the Sikorski-Mayski Agreement in London on 30 July 1941.

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