Forgiveness and Honor

“Forgive but do not forget” can have two meanings, readers. It can mean you forgive someone who hurt you while realizing they may never not want to hurt you again in the future. It can also mean, however, that you will never forget how your former enemy became your friend.

Brookings, Oregon, fits into the latter category quite well. Follow the link to learn more about this beautiful story. It is, to paraphrase the History Guy, a tale which deserves to be remembered:

Nobuo Fujita: The Story of the Only Japanese Pilot to Bomb America During WWII

By Peter Suciu


July 12, 2022

Forgiveness after a time of war can be a difficult thing. The story of Nobuo Fujita is a perfect example of how the past needs to be left behind if healing is to ever occur.

Fujita was a 31-year-old warrant flight officer who was ordered in early September 1942 to conduct a bombing mission over the forests of western Oregon. Fujita – who was conscripted into the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1932 and began flight training a year later – earned the dubious distinction of being the only Japanese pilot to bomb the continental United States during the Second World War. At the time, he believed he was honorably serving his nation – and more importantly, Emperor Hirohito – by firebombing the forest near the town of Brookings.

Flying a floatplane launched from the long-range submarine aircraft carrier I-25, the pilot dropped a pair of incendiary bombs. Due to the damp conditions, the attack caused little damage. Neither bomb touched off the massive fire Fujita and his superiors had hoped for. Fujita successfully returned from what he had believed might be a one-way suicide mission. He spent the rest of the war training other pilots, and when the hostilities ended, he returned to his civilian life.

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