Shakespearean Curses

Darn, they don’t have the insult I have heard repeated all my life. It’s in Julius Caesar*, for the curious: the speech Marullus gives in Act I, Scene I. The Bard didn’t mince words, and the article below lists some of his best insults. Next time you feel the need to cut loose, you might impress your audience with a little bit of Shakespeare.* 😉

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English dramatist and poet William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616) ponders his next work. (Photo Credit: Stock Montage/Getty Images)

Turneth The Air Blue With These Classic Shakespearean Insults

Nov 16, 2021

Steve Palace

If William Shakespeare were alive now, would he use social media? You know, that question isn’t as far out as it seems. The great man wasn’t all speeches and soliloquies. He had a down and dirty side, and wasn’t above hurling insults.

In fact, Shakespeare had a put-down for every occasion. Here are some of the best…

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