The Christian Artist

Food for thought here, readers:

Notes Towards A Theology of Art

“If the artist can perceive a ray of the supreme beauty among the many manifestations of the beautiful, then art becomes a way to God.”

The Purpose of Art

Why does the human person create? Why does the artist make art? On the surface, art seems unnecessary. It is not needed to feed us, or clothe us, or house us, perhaps that is why it is one of the first programs cut from our schools. If it is not necessary for our survival, what is its purpose?

Art can be used to server several purposes. It can be used to heal, to comment on contemporary society. Art has been used to bring people together in a common cause, and it has even been used as a weapon of propaganda. But what is its primary purpose. Why do some of us feel compelled to create?

Over the centuries the Church, through several popes, has actually answered this question several times.

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2 thoughts on “The Christian Artist

  1. An excellent topic. Art gives many expressions of history through a wide-range of documentations, including various cultural, literature styles. ☕️☕️

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