Reposted: How to Create Villains Who Are Actually Intimidating

An excellent article, readers:

How to Create Villains Who Are Actually Intimidating

Horror of horrors, beta readers keep telling you that your villain isn’t scary. You’ve given him a tragic past, control issues, and bloodlust. He even has an impeccable sense of style and color coordinates his weapons and outfits. Why isn’t he memorable?

Villains spark as many fandoms as heroes nowadays—if not more! I suspect that one of the reasons is because darkness has fascinated humans since the fall in the Garden of Eden. The other reason, however, is more virtuous: villains embody the chaos that ensues when a person’s moral compass goes crooked. They warn us of the atrocities we’re capable of if we let sin rule us.

But a second-rate villain results in a second-rate story. If he’s a pushover, he’ll provoke eye rolling, not contemplation. And his defeat will leave readers jaded, because evil is difficult to subdue in the real world.

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