Turkish Ruins from Rome

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Archaeologists working in the unearthed Doliche temple

Archaeologists Uncover Ancient Temple in Southeastern Turkey

Nov 3, 2021

Clare Fitzgerald

An excavation at the site of the ancient city of Doliche in southeastern Turkey has uncovered what archaeologists believe to be an ancient Roman temple. The discovery will allow for the development of a better understanding of how temple architecture developed in the Middle East during antiquity.

Excavation of the Doliche temple. (Photo Credit: Asia Minor Research Center)

According to Münster University’s Asia Minor Research Center, there was no indication that a large building existed at the site. However, the use of ground penetrating radar showed that a wall was buried beneath the surface, and its dimensions revealed it was part of a public space in what would have been an ancient town.

While the excavation is in its early stages, it’s been determined that it’s an east-west oriented temple approximately 35 meters wide. Its interior concludes with an apse on the west side, which is said to be about 12 meters in width. At present, the laterally adjacent areas of the temple have not been fully examined, but it is assumed there are small side-rooms accessible via the apse.

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