Strange Adoption

This is not a phenomenon one sees often in the wild, readers. Click the link to learn more!

Lioness mom adopts sick leopard cub and cares for it as her own

By Nick

2 April, 2021

Life in the wilderness is extremely tough and even though wild animals are overprotective when it comes to the babies, things are completely different if talking about other female’s cubs even the same species, but different ones! However, a lioness mom put the enmity away and adopted a baby leopard

While lions and leopards did not get along, what happened in the Gir National Park, in Gujarat, India proves Mother Nature never cease to amaze. A year ago, a young lioness adopted a sick leopard cub and took care of him alongside her two babies. Despite lions and leopards are strong competitors for food and space, the young lioness put that hostility aside and took the two-month-old cub under her protection.

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