Remembering Ray Harryhausen

If you like Ray Harryhausen’s films*, readers, then you will certainly enjoy these videos! A friend sent the first and second one to me, and I investigated further, prompting this post. For those of you who have come here from Upstream Reviews, you may recall that I wrote a review for The 7th Voyage of Sinbad* there. Like the man in the videos, I have to say it is my favorite Harryhausen film – not just for the creatures, which are fantastic, but for the other special effects and the story itself.

7th Voyage is surprisingly short by today’s standards, but that only makes it more entertaining. The fact that they managed to cram so much story into such a short time frame when the same movie made in the present would be two hours long and full of filler makes the original worth viewing. No matter its shortcomings – and 7th Voyage has some, as every story does – this is a film which writers ought to study to enhance their craft.

If you haven’t seen The 7th Voyage of Sinbad or any of Mr. Harryhausen’s other films, consider these videos a primer for them. You can certainly learn a great deal from them not only in terms of technique but also for film history. Harryhausen’s career inspired many other creators and still does.

Maybe he can inspire you, too. 😉 Enjoy the videos, readers!

Ray Harryhausen on “The 7th Voyage of Sinbad”


Top Ten Ray Harryhausen Creations


Myth Maker: The Fantasy Films of Ray Harryhausen

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One thought on “Remembering Ray Harryhausen

  1. Wow, great memories, thanks for these vids. I always loved Harryhausen’s work. As a youngster I was a huge fan of SF and fantasy, both in film and in stories and books. I used to subscribe to several of the monthly magazines like Galaxy, Analog, and F&SF, plus Famous Monsters of Filmland, which apparently still exists in a third or fourth generation version. Just couldn’t get enough of it all. My favorite Harryhausen film was probably Jason and the Argonauts, if it’s even possible to pick one out of all his great efforts. And all that without a single computer-generated image.

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