Star Wars – Or Star Fact?

This short film was made by Corridor in the interest of taking a closer look at the lightsaber. Personally, I think they could mine this single installment and turn it into an entire series. In particular, I would like an explanation for the limits on the tech shown in the episode. Stargate SG-1* came up with some interesting hard limits for a device somewhat similar to this, and I could suggest a few myself, but let’s see what you think, readers:


That, right there, is good storytelling wrapped up in five minutes of footage. You cannot see this author, but she is clapping behind the screen. Trust me, this is how writers ought to approach an idea: “Yeah, but what if…”

Much as I love Star Wars*, this approach has a lot going for it. I look forward to others testing out some of the ideas suggested by this fantastic video. “To the Death” is one episode I may just play frequently – for more than entertainment purposes!

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