Remember That Last Meal?

This crocodile’s final meal is on record for all to see! It also adds some perspective to The Land Before Time* movies. The scientists studying the fossil were quick to use this film series to give casual readers a popular cultural icon to visualize the dinosaur this croc ate. If Ducky was your favorite character in the film series, you may find this piece a bit hard to swallow. 😉

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 Last Meal: Dinosaur Remains Found Inside A 95-Million-Year-Old Crocodile Fossil

Crocodile Had Dinosaur For Its Last Meal Based On 95-Million Year Old Fossil, Study Claims

Margaret Davis Feb 14, 2022

Paleontologists in Australia have discovered a new species of crocodile that could have eaten a dinosaur for its last meal around 95 million years ago. Daily Star reported that the fossilized crocodile, dubbed the Broken Dinosaur Killer, was uncovered on a sheep station in outback Queensland.

The team was astonished to find partial remains of a young ornithopod dinosaur inside the stomach of the fossilized crocodile. Matt White from The Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum said it was an extraordinary discovery – the world’s first to find dinosaur remains in a crocodile.

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