“A New Universe…”

Pardon the quote from The Avengers*, readers, but it is fitting. Japan is going to attempt their own MCU-style film serial starring some of their most famous properties. These include Godzilla*, Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and an Evangelion series. Since I have not kept up with Evangelion I hesitate to say which version it is; the article linked below will have more information for the curious.

Given the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it is not at all surprising that others would attempt to follow in their footsteps. It remains to be seen if Japan’s monumental plan will accomplish its ends with the same degree of financial reward. But you have to admire their ambition – and, if you are a fan of these properties, being cautiously or raucously optimistic certainly doesn’t hurt!

Click the link to learn more about this phenomenal crossover, readers!

Shin Japan Heroes

Godzilla, Ultraman and Kamen Rider Join Forces in Shin Japan Heroes Universe From Rival Studios and Anno Hideaki

Leading Japanese entertainment firms Toho, Toei, Studio Khara and Tsuburaya Productions are joining forces to launch the Shin Japan Heroes Universe, a project modeled on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Shin Japan Heroes brings together such iconic characters as Godzilla, Ultraman and Kamen Rider, as well as the world of anime maestro Anno Hideaki’s Evangelion sci-fi franchise.

Details in Monday’s announcement were scanty, but the project team has revealed an emblem and visual showing all four “heroes” together, as well as a website.

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One thought on ““A New Universe…”

  1. Great project! Since this comes from Japan, dare we hope that the result might be superhero films without toxic “wokeness?” Even the need for English subtitles would be no impediment to my enjoyment of any film reaching that goal. I can always learn new characters. 😁

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