Reposted from The Warden’s Walk

Here is a great poem by none other than Lord Dunsany, posted on The Warden’s Walk, readers:

“The Memory”: a poem by Lord Dunsany (1878 – 1957)

This romantic fairy tale comes from Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany, one of the great British fantasists of the turn of the century, the remarkable period that also produced such greats as C.S. Lewis (a fellow Irishman), J.R.R. Tolkien,  G.K. Chesterton, and W.B. Yeats (another Irishman). I have yet to read anything else of Dunsany, though one of his novels is waiting on my bookshelf. In this poem he uses some beautiful imagery to evoke the intense and tragic longing of this lovesick lord of Tartary.

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