Shooting at Long Range

Take a look at this interesting piece from Popular Mechanics, readers!

lrhw lockheed martin

The Army Reveals the Range of Its New Hypersonic Weapon: 1,725 Miles

That means U.S. forces could easily strike targets in Russia and China during a conflict.


MAY 17, 2021

  • The Army’s new Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon has a range of over 1,725 miles.
  • Adversaries will find it difficult to detect and defend against.
  • The new weapon is the U.S.’s direct response to Russia and China’s own advances in hypersonic technology.

The U.S. Army has a new hypersonic weapon that’s designed to fly 17 times the speed of sound. Now, we know the weapon will be able to strike targets from at least 1,725 miles away, according to an Army spokesperson’s recent comments.

That means the “Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon” (LRHW) is capable of destroying enemy targets from faraway, standoff ranges. With that kind of armament, U.S. forces could easily strike targets in Russia and China during a conflict—a deterrent that ideally makes such conflict less likely.

The LRHW, scheduled for testing in 2023, is a truck-mounted hypersonic weapon. Each LRHW battery will consist of an operations center controlling four transporter/erector/launcher (TEL) trucks. Each TEL truck will carry two LRHW missiles.

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