Buried Treasure from World War II…

…or is this just some wild goose chase? The clue that points to hidden riches may not be verifiable, but that is not going to stop people from trying! Click the link to learn more, readers:

Treasure Hunters Seek Hidden German Gold Near Polish Palace

May 3, 2021 Steve Palace

Are 10 tons of ill-gotten gold plundered by the German army during World War II lying under Minkowskie palace in Poland? A secret diary kept by an SS officer claims this is the case. If he’s right, the haul is worth an estimated half a billion pounds or several hundred million dollars!

On the hunt for plundered gold under Minkowskie Palace

The Silesian Bridge Foundation, led by Roman Furmaniak, took the lease on an 18th-century regal property in Minkowskie village in south-western Poland. Today, it’s in a far-from-illustrious state, but back during World War II, it was part of German-occupied territory.

The SS made use of the palace, but a different kind of immorality was on the agenda. Behind closed doors, it reportedly doubled as a brothel! And as the drinks flowed and clothes came off, buried secrets were revealed.

Descendants of the men involved provided the Foundation with a diary, written by a figure who referred to himself as “Michaelis” (a pseudonym). The historic pages detail an astonishing 11 places in the region where gold stolen by the Nazis ended up after being looted.

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