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Reposted: My Jedi Academy

A worthy piece from Mr. Winchester, readers! Check it out!

My Jedi Academia

So recently we got snowed in for a couple of days so I finally got to watch the first two seasons of My Hero Academia.

It’s a great, solid show. I expected to like it and it went PLUS ULTRA on my expectations. I’m not going to argue that it’s Shakespeare, but it’s a great example of solid, workhorse writing that aims to tell even a simple, silly story to the very best that it can be told. The title tells you pretty much all you need to know about it and if you think you’ll love or hate it based upon that title, you probably will.

Yet I couldn’t help but think of star wars while watching it. (Especially when Gran Traino – the mentor of the protagonist’s mentor appears and he’s a short old man who acts foolish to test his student and uses a very familiar looking walking stick of twisted wood.)

This? This should have been the Star Wars sequels.

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