Return to the Superversive Livestream!

It’s been a busy month, readers! Nothing attests to this fact better than the knowledge that I was on no less than two Superversive Livestreams and had little attention to spare to tell you about them. The first stream focused on Mecha and took place December 26 of last year:

Sunday Superversive Livestream: All things mecha with Caroline Furlong and David Hallquist

The second occurred in January, and the topic under discussion was romance – and not just that found in anime, though those stories featured prominently:

Sunday Superversive Livestream: Romance Anime with Anthony and Friends

I had some audio hiccups in the second livestream, perhaps because I forgot to arrange my mic properly, perhaps due to something else. Still, it was a fun stream, and I recommend giving both of the above a listen!

Enjoy the shows, readers, and be sure to check out the items in my Bibliography. Let me know what you think of the romances in each one! (Also, don’t forget the mecha tale in Cirsova’s 2021 Summer Issue. That one is fun! 😉)

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