Dragon of the Deep

Learn more about this fascinating find through the link below!

Gigantic 180-Million-Year-Old Fossil of 'Sea Dragon' Found in UK Reservoir

Giant fossil from 180 million years ago reveals ‘sea dragon’ with 1-ton skull

Found in a reservoir in the UK’s Rutland: a dolphin-like monster about half the size of a tennis court.

In February 2021, Joe Davis, leader of the UK’s Rutland Conservation Team, was routinely draining a lagoon island for re-landscaping on the grounds he manages. To his surprise, a few odd-looking clay pipes protruded from the mud. Upon closer inspection, he realized they weren’t pipes at all. They were vertebrae.

“We followed what indisputably looked like a spine,” Davis said in a statement. Then, along with reserves officer Paul Trevor, Davis says he discovered something that could have been a jawbone. “We couldn’t quite believe it.”

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