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‘Hail Full of Grace!’: Louisville resident pens reflection after losing home in Marshall Fire

On Dec. 30, a fast-moving wildfire destroyed approximately 1,000 homes and structures in Louisville, Superior and unincorporated Boulder County.  Among those who lost their homes are Kat and Tom Greany of Louisville. When the couple returned to what was left of their home, they found their statue of Mary still standing. Tom Greany wrote the following reflection on what they have been through the last few days, and how their faith in God has remained strong despite everything they have lost.

Hail Full of Grace!

When we arrived at our home, it was completely destroyed. All but five of 55 homes in our neighborhood were. Those that were not were completely unscathed. Very strange. Across the street, a similar picture. To the south, the same. All three neighborhoods gone.

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