Bulletin: Planetary Anthology Sol is an Audiobook!

Just in time for Christmas – Planetary Anthology Sol* is available for purchase as an audiobook! Now you can listen to “Let the Dead Bury Their Dead,” my superhero story, along with all the other great tales included in this collection surrounding the sun. Considering we are coming up on the feast of the birth of the Son of God, it’s rather appropriate, wouldn’t you agree?

If you like older Marvel and DC comics that respect religion, history, and tradition, I highly recommend picking up Sol as an Audiobook, an ebook*, or in paperback*. Yes, these are Amazon Affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you purchase anything (not just Sol) through them. Your personal information remains private, however, so I will not know who bought what. 😉

Also, please remember the authors whose books I have reviewed throughout the year. You can find and select a number of them through the link here, so if any of the books catch your interest and you have the money, consider making these writers’ Christmas a little brighter and little merrier. There’s nothing like appreciation to give an artist more cause to celebrate and give thanks to God, after all. 😉


Speaking of, please remember my other stories as well. I’d really appreciate knowing more of you had purchased them and had a chance to read them. This Christmas is proving to be a busier time for me than I anticipated, so if you can, pick up Sol and/or one of my other tales listed in my Bibliography today!

It’s been a great year, readers, and promises to be an interesting one in the coming weeks. Thank you for your continuous support – it truly means more than I can say. Stay tuned to see what comes next, and remember to have a very, very “MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!”

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