Evil vs. Antagonism

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A villain versus an antagonist

An antagonist is an opponent, but a villain must be stopped.

I’ve done this on my previous blog, but I think it bears repeating.

Though I admit, there are more and more people who are putting aside the idea of “Oh, the villain doesn’t think they’re evil” and are replacing it more with the concept of “Nope. We just don’t think about good and evil.”

Heck, more frequently, it’s “Good and evil are just soooo subjective.”

Just look at anyone out there that wants to redefine pederasts as “Minor Attracted persons” or SFWA backing Marion Zimmer Bradley and her husband. The justification? “Oh, it’s a lifestyle / it’s just another orientation / who are YOU to judge?” or “what difference what it make?’“

No, a villain doesn’t necessarily see a villain in the mirror … but sometimes, a villain doesn’t acknowledge that there is such a thing as a villain.

And sometimes, people just want to be the villain.

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5 thoughts on “Evil vs. Antagonism

  1. James Daily and Ryan Davidson in their The Law Of Superheroes point out that by the majority of laws defining “Legally Insane”, the Joker is not Legally Insane.

    Of course, that means that Joker could have been executed for his crimes.

    Oh, I’d call the Joker evil.

    I also think of an antagonist as somebody that the hero would likely be willing to accept as an ally.

    There might be times where circumstances might force a hero to ally with a true villain but those wouldn’t be something that the hero like and likely wouldn’t trust the villain.

    Oh, one interesting take on Joker was in the Batman/Captain America cross-over (set in WW2).

    Joker does a Job for Red Skull but thinks Red Skull is a criminal like him.

    When he learns that Red Skull is a Nazi, he attempts to kill Red Skull. Joker’s line is (roughly) “I may be a Criminal but I’m an American Criminal”. 😉

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