“Rover, Red Rover, Let Tolkien Come Over!”

I have actually read this sweet little story, so I can vouch that it’s good. If you are searching for a Christmas gift for your own child, the neighbor’s son, a niece or a nephew, you could do worse than Roverandom*. The article below, which is a ringing endorsement of the same tale, should more than suffice to let you know what you are purchasing!

‘Roverandom:’ Tolkien’s little-known children’s story

Fantasy / By Joseph Tuttle / 3 minutes of reading

Roverandom is the endearing tale of a little dog’s adventures after being turned into a toy by a wizard. Tolkien originally told this story to his children after one of them had lost a toy dog on vacation. After searching for the lost toy unsuccessfully, Tolkien devised Roverandom to help explain what happened to the toy. Years later, he put the story into the book format we now have.

The story begins with a small dog named Rover playing with a ball. A wizard comes along and takes the ball and taunts Rover by not giving it back. Rover then makes the mistake of biting the wizard’s pants, leaving a large tear. The wizard, whose name is Artaxerxes, then turns Rover into a toy because of it. Rover’s size was also dramatically decreased. Rover was then bought by a woman who gave it to her children, who in turn lost Rover on a beach.

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