Bulletin: Planetary Anthology Sale!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, readers, so that means Black Friday is right around the corner as well. In light of that, Tuscany Bay Books is having a sale on all eleven volumes of the Planetary Anthology Series! From Thanksgiving Day through the weekend, you can buy the entire ebook collection for around $10. What a bargain!

I have a story in three of the Planetary Anthology volumes, starting with Luna*:

Followed by Uranus*:

And finally, Sol*!

So if you haven’t picked up these or any of the other volumes in the Planetary Anthology Series*, now is a good time to do so! Don’t forget to drop a review on Amazon after you’ve read them, either, since writers love getting feedback on their work. Additionally, more reviews on Amazon mean more people notice the books and buy them, which means that your review helps earn us more sales!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, readers – and please, don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Enjoy your weekend and our fun fiction! You ROCK!

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