Reposted: Tired Writers Don’t Need More Sleep, They Need More Spiritual Rest

Sorry I haven’t been posting properly here, readers. It’s been busy! Hopefully I’ll be back in a bit – I have some good ideas 😉 – but right now I’m going to have to ask you to bear with me a little longer. Things are jumping on this side of Song, so I have a good reason for being absent.

This article from Story Embers got me thinking, as well as praying and reading. Here’s hoping you find some respite in it, too!

Tired Writers Don’t Need More Sleep, They Need More Spiritual Rest

November 1, 2021

Mariposa Aristeo

Rarely does a day pass anymore without a depressing headline hitting the news. Violence, hate, and fear rampage across your screen. Some days you can’t bear it, so you shut off your devices. You’re done. You want life to be normal again. You want your motivation back. You want to revive the creativity that all of the chaos and uncertainty killed.

But ignoring the news will only give you a false sense of peace that won’t last. “Take a walk. Read a book. Visit a friend,” anxiety taunts. “I’ll return when you’re through.”

You’re tired of hearing that voice, aren’t you? You’re tired from sleepless nights and cranky kids. You’re tired from cramming for college finals. You’re tired from clocking too many hours at two jobs to pay overdue bills. You’re tired, tired, tired.

Maybe you’re even too tired to write.

I’ve been there. I’m usually very driven and disciplined, but last year I struggled with inertia. The question I kept asking myself, and the one you’re probably wrestling with too, is: How do I reignite my passion and energy for storytelling?

When I looked to the One whose grace crosses out my weakness, I found the solution.

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