It’s an Invasion…!

Or it was, rather. Take a look at this article to learn more, readers. Unless you prefer to avoid the topics of arachnids, insects, and “land lobsters” that is!

Summer rains bring vinegaroons out of their burrows in search of food and love.

Acid-shooting ‘land lobsters’ live in Texas and are being spotted more after recent rains

BIG BEND NATIONAL PARK, Texas – Big Bend National Park shared what might be a nightmare-inducing photo for some people on social media last week.

Park officials posted a photo of a vinegaroon, or as Houston Chronicle reporter Abigail Rosenthal called it – a “land lobster from hell,” saying they’re coming out in search of food.

Recent rains are responsible for the vinegaroon sightings, according to park officials, who said the creature shoots a “well-aimed spray of 85% acetic acid (vinegar) from the base of their ‘whip’ to protect themselves.”

Because of that whip, they’re commonly called whipscorpions, although they’re not related to scorpions and don’t have stingers.

According to the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, the vinegaroon spray is not considered poisonous to humans but these arachnids can pinch with their “heavy mouthparts.”

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5 thoughts on “It’s an Invasion…!

  1. The headline should have read: Powerful Rains presage opening of Hell Mouth in Big Bend National Park, Texas.
    “Flee! Flee for your lives!” park officials could be heard screaming as they waded into the waters of the Rio Grande, rifles and shotguns in tow. The vinegaroon, or as Houston Chronicle Reporter Abigail Rosenthal called it- “what we all deserve,” is coming out in search of food. According to the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension, the vinegaroon is the sign that the Fifth Trumpet had been blown by the archangel at the end of Time and everyone should prepare for the coming of the Final Battle between the forces of Satan and Jesus.

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