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MHA Fan Film – An Homage to Excellence

This fan film, UA:LA Pilot Episode, has been available for some time but that does nothing to impinge upon its excellent use of anime storytelling conventions. And as an homage to My Hero Academia*, I doubt there are many short episodes that could compare! It is truly a fine example of West learning from East, and vice versa.

While I cannot say I am excited for the Shang-Chi film where the director of this episode plies his craft as an “Action Designer,” that has more to do with the extensive CGI and the poor plot than it does with this director’s work. Strip away the glittery computer-generated imagery, and the stunts in Shang-Chi will likely be on par with those seen in the video below. This man knows his craft!

Enjoy the video, readers. And if you have not seen My Hero Academia yet, nor read the manga*, pick it up today. You will not regret it!

UA:LA Pilot Episode 0 — My Hero Academia Conceptual Spin Off

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2 thoughts on “MHA Fan Film – An Homage to Excellence”

  1. Just found this; awesome!

    I’m also impressed by how well they caught the feel of the series, the particular nature and style of the Quirks and such. Not to mention the emphasis on hope and inspiration and doing the right thing. This really does feel like it fits in that world.

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    1. Exactly! It’s absolutely beautiful and it shows they really put thought into their story so they could fit it into the MHA universe properly. The result is something that feels like it literally DID get Kohei Horikoshi’s stamp of approval. “PLUS ULTRA!!!”

      Liked by 1 person

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