“For all Their Wars Are Merry….”

“…And all their songs are sad.” So wrote G.K. Chesterton* in his epic poem The Ballad of the White Horse.* And while he was not wrong – we Gaels do love a good scrap – he did leave out the fact that we have quite a few party songs we can play when the mood strikes us. I say ‘we,’ readers, in acknowledgement of my Irish ancestry. Though I am as American as apple pie, there is no reason why I cannot take pride in my heritage. 😉

One of the ways I do that is by listening to Irish music. Below are some of the songs to which I was recently introduced. Most are quite catchy, but the final one on the list is more informative than fun. It is also a sadder song than the rest, with good reason. Proof, once more, that Mr. Chesterton knew whereof he spoke!

Enjoy these songs from the Emerald Isle, readers!


Óró ‘sé do bheatha ‘bhaile – LYRICS + Translation


Seo Linn – Rise (Wild Irish Wanderer Series || Mount Errigal, Donegal, Ireland)


Tir na nOg lyrics – Celtic Woman


Amhrán na Leabhar (Song of the Books) – LYRICS + Translation

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