Bulletin: Caroline’s Newsletter

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Whew! There has been a fair bit going on behind the scenes here at Song, readers. I do not want to talk about all of it yet, as there is still some work to be done before any announcements are forthcoming. But I will say that it looks promising, though it might be some time before I can discuss it openly.

That being said, I do have an announcement to make: I have a newsletter! Specifically, I have a (free – presently) newsletter over on Substack. If you click this link here it will take you there directly. Or you can click on the button in the sidebar that says “Caroline’s Newsletter” and reach it that way.

You will find there that the articles in my newsletter do not fit the pattern established here at Song. That is purposeful; I realized recently that there are things I wish to say which do not meld well with the categories built into my website. Changing the format on WordPress to accommodate that fact is one option, but a certain degree of separation has its appeals as well. Particularly since Substack doubles as a mailing list.

That is correct, I am building a mailing list. I won’t say more on the subject now, but the fact is that if you want to keep up with news, more or less as it happens, you might want to subscribe to the newsletter. Not only will the posts there be a touch off-kilter compared to the ones you see here, posts about my stories will appear on Substack long before they show up on this website. Articles about some of my fiction will not be forthcoming here on Song at all, so if you are curious about the impetus behind my published works, Substack will be the place to learn more!

I hope you enjoy what you find there as much as you have liked what you see here, readers. Once again, too, thank you for traveling with me on this journey to publication. But buckle up, because you haven’t seen anything yet!

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