Twelve Rules of Writing

It has been some time since Literature Devil’s videos on writing were featured here at Song, readers. That is due as much to this author’s need to work as to the fact that his video output has slowed. He has morning livestreams but several of the more recent videos he has put up for casual perusal on his channel are a bit on the long side.

Luckily, the one included below is relatively short. It also includes chapter links in the description, allowing a viewer to pick up from where he left off if he must stop listening for some reason. If you cannot afford to sit still for approximately forty minutes but need to leave the video midway through, then you do not have to worry about trying to return to the exact place where you had to stop.

The twelve rules Literature Devil cites here are wonderfully explicated in this video. He breaks down each of these timeless rules, which have served storytellers well over the centuries, into easily digested segments. Although he speaks a bit fast, if you concentrate (and, perhaps, rewind to hear what he has said again), you will be able to follow him with relative ease.

Enjoy the video, future authors. And remember: Never give up. No matter what other advice you hear, take that bit to heart. Without it, writer or not, no one ever gets anywhere.

Literature Devil’s 12 Rules for Writing

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