Squids in Spaaace…!

No, I am not making this up, readers. And this is not a title ripped from the cover of one of the great Karina Fabian’s* books, either. She does nuns in space, not squid. Though perhaps this will give her some ideas….

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Juvenile bobtail squid swimming in seawater just after hatching

Nasa to launch baby squid to International Space Station

More than 100 baby squid and 5,000 microscopic animals are set to be launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on Thursday.

The creatures, along with other equipment for experiments, will head to the ISS aboard Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket.

Its hoped that the experiments will be able to help scientists understand the effects of spaceflight.

The launch at 13:29 EDT (17:29 GMT) will be broadcast live by Nasa.

The 128 baby bobtail squid will be used as part of research into the effects of spaceflight on beneficial interactions between microbes and animals.

The squid have an immune system which is similar to that of humans.

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3 thoughts on “Squids in Spaaace…!

  1. 1. Studying baby squid immune systems IN SPACE FOR SCIENCE!
    2. Studying full-grown squid IN SPACE FOR SCIENCE!
    4. ???
    5. Studying baby humans IN SPACE FOR SQUID SCIENCE!

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